Snacks in Singapore

Snacks are immensely popular among the young people and even the older generation takes pride in the taste of the oily spreads. The deep-fried and spicy snacks offer a variety in taste. Those having a fascination for spicy and crispy should try out the snacks in Singapore to get a taste of the multi-cultural influence. The Indian and Chinese cuisine comprises of a wide variety of snacks that are mouthwatering and at the same time bears the authentic traditional touch.

Although, the calorie conscious people makes it a point to keep the snacks away from their diet as too much oily food may shatter their dream of remaining slim and trim forever. The mouthwatering dishes are lucrative enough for people to resist and thus, to some extent bring a halt in their way of gaining a perfect figure to strike a chord in the hearts of young and handsome men around. Snacks in Singapore bear the strong influence of the Chinese and the Indian style of preparing snacks.

Both veg and non-veg items are available and it depends on the food lovers to show their discretion while choosing the palate of their choice. Thick and spicy sauce or chutney accompanies the snacks in Singapore. The Indian influenced "pakoras" and the Chinese "chicken balls" are the hot favorites among both the locales and the tourists. The western influenced snacks should also be tried for bringing in a variety in taste. The chefs are always experimenting with different fusion recipes to satisfy the most discerning tasting buds.

Snacks in Singapore are the best dishes to be tried out when not in the mood of a heavy lunch or dinner. The roadside stalls may not be that impressive to look at but the snacks displayed are extremely delicious and mouthwatering for people to gorge in.

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