Wetterling Teo Gallery of Singapore

At Singapore a visit to the galleries is a must and you cannot just miss out on the golden opportunity to visit the Wetterling Teo Gallery of Singapore, one of the most sought after galleries of Singapore.

It was opened for the common mass in the year 1994 and its formation was the result of the joint venture that took place between Mr Daniel Teo (a reputed businessman of Singapore) and the Wetterling Gallery that is situated in Sweden. The fact that goes to its advantage is that it attained global recognituon and is the preferred tourist attraction as far as the visitors as well as the locals are concerned.

It specializes in modern as well as <strong>contemporary art</strong>. At this gallery you would come across works of famous artists, such as Frank Stella, Allen Jones, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenburg, Richard Hamilton and a few others as well and these artists belonged to the Pop Art and the American Expressionist period.

Till today this gallery organizes an Asian premier of the recent works of the above-mentioned artists and these shows in its own way educates its visitors about the artworks and also about the artists who are responsible for these magnificent creations. Another feature of the Wetterling Gallery are the graphic works that are a treat to the eyes.

It also makes arrangements for art tours and their exhibition have achieved worldwide recognition and also organizes various kinds of events, lectures to promote the works of this gallery.

Mentioned below is the address along with the telephone and the fax number of this gallery.

Wetterling Teo Gallery
101 Cecil Street
Tong Eng Building
Singapore 069533

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