Island Getaways in Singapore

The island getaways in Singapore are packed with fun and entertainment for the tourists and locales to explore. Apart from the breathtaking scenic beauty the wide variety of outdoor activities are the main causes of attraction. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about the island getaways in Singapore.

Sentosa Island: It is one of the most favorite island getaways in Singapore. The white sand beaches fringed with trees resemble a wonderland adored with the bounty of nature and enchantment. The major attractions of Sentosa Island are the underwater world, Fantasy Island, volcano land, the merlion, Sentosa orchid gardens, dragon trails, Fort Silosa, central beach, butterfly park and insect kingdom museum and maritime museum.

Palau Ubin: An island full of fun and entertainment lies very close to the main island. The lifestyle of the region dates back to a period before thirty years. The mangrove and the forest areas of the region offer natural habitation to the wide variety of flora and fauna. The Ma Chor temple is a major attraction of the island.

Kusu Island: Kusu Island is located within a very short distance from the World Trade Center. The travelers may avail a ferry from the World Trade Center to reach the Kusu Island more conveniently. There is a tradition of paying annual pilgrimage to the Kusu Island by some religious groups. It has always earned the reputation of being one of the most favorite island getaways in Singapore.

Sisters Island: Sisters Island is a wonderful location set against incredible scenic background and is a perfect destination to plan for family picnics. One of the perfect island getaways in Singapore is a perfect destination to opt for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

St. John's Island: A wonderful destination to opt for weekend getaways and camping trips. The unique and tranquil beauty of the island is a major attraction of the travelers.

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