Imperial Herbal Restaurant in Singapore

Want to have taste of unusual delicacies? A visit to the Imperial Herbal Restaurant of Singapore will surely change your concept of "delicacy". Lizards, caterpillars or grubs can be served and a survey shows that these are hot favorites among Chinese. The question is, how they are cooked and served? What is the magic all about? Interestingly the Imperial Herbal Restaurant is not a place to have usual delicacies. General public is of the opinion that the food is bit expensive and that is quite acceptable as each dish is served with the purpose of curing a particular ailment. Getting confused? How can a dish cure a physical problem?

Let us get into the matter from medical point of view. The Imperial Herbal Restaurant of Singapore is located at the Metropole Hotel. This restaurant was set up with the objective of curing various ailments through herbal dishes recommended by a Chinese doctor. The main concept behind the plan is to keep the balance between " your yin and yang". The Imperial Herbal Restaurant is ready with a varied range of about 100 dishes with specific therapeutic qualities to serve the purposes. The braised Canadian codfish flambé with garlic and ginger is prepared to relieve fatigue whereas the candied sweet potato controls stomach upsets. Restorative tonics and teas, beer and wine also do wonders and the restaurant is cooperative enough to allow the visitors to take home the herbal remedies

The pharmacy inside the restaurant with Chinese medicines and herbs prescribed by the resident doctor is getting popular day by day. On entering the Imperial Herbal Restaurant, you will be taken to the herbal counter. The herbalist, a specialist in Western medicines will enquire about the symptoms and ails you are suffering from. After checking the pulse beat he prepares a packet of herbal ingredients that are added to the dishes you have ordered. Each dish on the menu contains herbs or animal extracts which are ailments specific.

And surprisingly the dishes turn out tasty without any flavor of the herbs that were added to them. The herbalist is not available on Sunday. If your ailment gets cured in this unique fashion then, offer a gift of cash in a red envelope to the magician. This is just a convention to thank the herbalist. And if you are convinced by these details, then, do not waste your time in finding conventional delicacies which in turn lead to ailments but check out the scorpions, or a tray of dead ants or the Imperial Chicken, a dish made with 8 precious herbs at the Imperial Herbal Restaurant of Singapore.

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