Murtabak Singapore Murtabak

The shape and appearance of Murtabak give out a very wrong connotation of an Indian dish. Though it looks like roti- paratha yet it is very much a local Singaporean or Malaysian creation. Before you plan to taste it at specialized food outlets like Zam Zam, first check out the recipe of Murtabak.

The basic ingredients are flour, water, salt, and oil or ghee. Murtabak is basically a roti stuffed with minced mint, chopped onions, paste of garlic and ginger, green chilli, masala, red chilli and turmeric powder and in order to make it more tasty, eggs, pepper and coriander leaves are generally added to all these.

In case of mutton murtabak, it is stuffed with ground mutton and it would definitely turn out a tasty dish if you dip the piping hot food into a curry sauce. Murtabaks are usually square shaped with the fillings in the middle and the chappathi is folded from the four sides and the most apt Indian counterpart of it would be the Indian Kheema Roti.

The cooking method is pretty easy and it includes four common steps that are applicable to most of the dishes in the world like mixing the ingredients, frying the masala pastes along with the onions and garlics, putting them in proper shapes and frying the balls on hot oil until they get crispy.

This Indian- Muslim dish, a favorite in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore derived its name from the Arabic word " Motabbag" which means "the folded". Murtabak is beautifully garnished with cucumber and onion slices and curry sauce at the time of serving. Some also go for a dark brown sauce made out of vinegar and palm sugar.

The dish sounds really yummy from this brief account of its preparation method. Moreover the name is unusual enough to ignite the interest of the foodies.

It is not difficult to cook at home and this time you can give it a try to shock your guests in the coming get together.

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