Nei Xue Tang Museum in Singapore

The Nei Xue Tang Museum is one of the few private museums in Singapore housing priceless Buddhist artifacts. The collections at the Nei Xue Tang Museum have been collected from Indonesia, China, Gandhara and Japan. The Nei Xue Tang Museum's collections particularly belong to two predominantly Buddhist countries like Cambodia and Thailand. The museum is a rich store-house of the Southeast Asian and Chinese artworks. The museum is anchored in a pre-War building which has an architectural and historical significance. It took the Nei Xue Tang Museum long 35 years to amass all the invaluable Buddhist relics, artifacts, artworks and the antique items.

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Information on the Nei Xue Tang Museum
235 Cantonment Road, Singapore-089766
Opening Hours: 10a.m.-5p.m. (daily)
Admission Charges: $s3 for children above 8 years and
$S5 for the adults
Telephone-6372 0189
Fax No-6533 0807 How to Reach There
Take the Mass Rapid Transit System to the Outram Park Station and go about 700 meter south along the Cantonment Road area.

Exhibits at the Nei Xue Tang Museum
The Museum has acquired its rich and unique collections over a period of 35 years from countries as far as Japan, China, Tibet, Afghanistan and Nepal. The collections include a wide range of Buddhist relics, artifacts, talismans, amulets and precious antique items.The Nei Xue Tang Museum showcases rare stone and bronze statues, talismans, relics and amulets made from different elements like silver, bronze, gold, stone, crystal, jade and horns. The museum also boasts of a collection of Buddhist art works done with Chinese ink and oil on rice paper and in calligraphy by the award-winning famous artist of Singapore Mr Tan Swie Hian. The Nei Xue Tang Museum functions under the "House Museum" scheme, allowing the renowned collectors to display their collections in their own homes.

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