Pasir Ris Beach

Every year wanderlusts trip down to uncover the beauty of array of Singapore's beaches, but when it come to Pasir beach then its a must-visit and always make it to the tourists, travel itinerary.

One can see families enjoying barbecue parties or having a goos time. Get-togethering!, picnics, lovers spot .... Pasir Ris Beach in Singapore creates an aura fun and frolic.

There is around 71 hectares of coastal Pasir Ris beach park. It has six-hectares of mangrove swamp traversed by walkways. Locals leisurely go for morning and evening walk and enjoys delightful sight of mangrove rich flora and fauna.

There are cycling tracks in the parks and one can bring their two-wheelers enjoy and overlook the pleasant and serene ambiance along with cycling. Pasir Ris Beach Singapore is a great family weekend spot. Birdwatching, cycling and swimming are the popular activities on Pasir Ris Beach.

Dwellers and travellers can partake in sports like sped boating, snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, scuba diving, cannoeing and a lot more activities. Refreshing and cool waters of these beaches are crystal clear and swimming in it will reinvigorate your energy to the optimum level. Perplexed tourists can stretch, repose and relax at the same time enjoy the unblocked view of immaculate beaches, where shining water meets the clear blur sky, visible from their hotel's balcony and window. Nearby by Pasir Ris Beach, is a Fisherman's Village. Maximum Travellers head towards this enticing and colorful Fisherman's Village to satiate heir gastronomical delights ranging from seafood to local delicacies.

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