Foto U Studio in Singapore

Foto U Studio in Singapore is a team of seven photographers and a single make-up artist. These team members of Foto-U-Studio in Singapore offer specialized photography services in every field including wedding ceremonies, events, corporate functions and commercial occasions.

These seven members of Foto U Studio in Singapore have vast experience of indoor, outdoor and studio assignments. Foto-U-Studio in Singapore is a complete studio which is outfitted with all the modern equipments.

These things allow the team of Foto-U Studio for providing excellent photography services for all types of occasions which comprise corporate dinners and dances, regional conferences, meetings, President's Challenge, instant printing services and quite a few. The photographers of Foto-U-Studio in Singapore are esteemed for their exceptional services and constant originality in photo making.

Foto-U Studio in Singapore offers packages for the wedding celebrations held at Registry of Marriage or at other venues, come in Basic, Standard and Premium forms and the rates for the photography services vary accordingly. Each of these packages comprises some common elements as listed below:

2/3 hours of photography coverage
Unlimited digital photography
All the original photos in CDs
80/120 pieces of bordered 4R prints
Exclusive MIDI wedding albums including pockets

Other packages offered by Foto-U-Studio in Singapore are given in the following list:

Bronze Package
David and Ben packages with Zephyrgraphy
Premium studio portraits
Family Studio Portraits Promotion
Fine Art Photography Pre Wedding
Wedding Day Photo & Video Packages
Maternity Portraits Packages for Mummy & Daddy to be
Romancing Pre-Wedding Packages
Ad Wedding Photography Packages

Foto-U-Studio in Singapore offers these special wedding packages for the wedding days which make the memorable moments of a wedding couple even more memorable. On-line portfolios of the photographers of Foto-U-Studio may guide the wedding couples for availing photography services for their special day.

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