Imagegarden Photography in Singapore

Meng is the creative brains behind Imagegarden Photography in Singapore. Men began as an assistant photographer for a photography studio particularizing in T.V commercials. Meng has got thorough knowledge and experience in studio flash and movie lights and with this he produced an exceptional method of photography.

The year of 1998 was fortunate enough for Meng, as a bridal shop designer checked the portfolio of Meng and his exceptional style of photography caught the eyes of the designer.

This resulted in the involvement of Imagegarden Photography in Singapore for conceptualizing the bridal advertising campaigns for the boutique of that bridal designer and it was the beginning of the path of Imagegarden Photography in Singapore in the direction of bridal photography.

Imagegarden Photography in Singapore permits constant modification of the background of the studio. This is because the vast area of the studio, which is more than 2000 square feet, is quite convenient for any change. Moreover, a tie-up with a company has facilitated in bringing in modern and stylish accessories and furniture in the studio of Imagegarden and various wedding couples can use various concepts with much ease.

These wedding couples can also purchase furniture at exceptional rates from the studio of Imagegarden in Singapore.Studio flash offers more practicality than movie lighting, which has an effect of sunlight. Imagegarden Photography in Singapore combines these two methods and produces a gentle and lifelike picture. Imagegarden Photography in Singapore utilizes granular films to produce a journalistic flavor and a soft, subdued, dim and dreamlike image is produced by Imagegarden Photography with the use of black and white films.

By innovating different unique and exceptional methodologies of photography and smudging the demarcation lines between art and bridal images, Imagegarden Photography in Singapore aspires to convey the distinctive preferences of the wedding couples.

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