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The owner of A Photo Story in Singapore, George Wong, feels flattered to move into the lives of the brides and grooms on their wedding days. He gets the privilege of meeting all the family members of the brides and grooms like the parents, grand parents, siblings and friends. He can go into their rooms where they have spent their childhood moments and get back to their past from every article in their house. He goes through their past, savors their present and makes images for their present. He feels great honor for having the privilege of being chosen for sharing these special moments in the lives of these wedding couples.

This feeling gives him the stimulation of documenting the wedding day as that day opens and makes the most gorgeous wedding photo story. A Photo Story in Singapore presents services which are especially accessible for wedding days to make the memorable moments of a wedding couple even more memorable. On-line portfolio of George Wong of A Photo Story in Singapore may guide the wedding couples for availing photography services for their special day.

A Photo Story in Singapore offers these wedding couples skilled photographic experiences and also a compact package for this type of special assignments.

A Photo Story in Singapore is the best for wedding photography. George Wong of A Photo Story in Singapore can assist the wedding couples by suggesting them on their schedules and help them to make arrangement for their wedding days and photography schedules. At A Photo Story in Singapore, the wedding couples can talk to George about the entire assignment.

George helps his clients in getting detailed knowledge of the lens, film and the camera, the developing process and gives information about the wedding album, whether the couples will be getting extra wedding albums from George or will be arranging their photos in their own albums. Above all, A Photo Story in Singapore offers a good number of competitive rates for any sort of project for its clients along with outstanding services.

If you want George to make a photo story for you, the easiest way to contact A Photo Story in Singapore is by sending them an e-mail at contact@aphotostory.com . The packages offered by A Photo Story in Singapore comprise Digital and Black & White Film.

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