Singapore Retailers Association

The Singapore Retail Association was started by ten leading retailers in November 1977. It was started with the motive of improving business standards, professionalism and efficiency among retailers in Singapore. All retailers can become members of this organization. Ms Wei-Chen Lau is the Executive Director of this organization.

Singapore Retailers Association is a not-for-profit self-governing / non-governmental retail trade organization in Singapore. It is sponsored by the private sector. It is a very well-known and sought after organization.

This accounts for the membership of most of the important and chief retailers from Singapore and the neighboring region, along with a few major suppliers of goods and services in the retail industry. Recently Singapore Retailers Association started on its Good Retail Practices and Standards Scheme at its 26th Annual General Meeting. Retailers who implement and hold fast to SRA's Code of Practices are allowed to exhibit the "Good Retail Practices and Standards" logo inside their stores.

The objectives of the SRA are to:

Boost the welfare and success of SRA Members and the retails sector.
Assist the formation and safeguarding of a shoppers' delight.
Make certain that the Members remain competitive and at par with the world via instructive discussion and seminars.
Assist Members with trade expansion and regionalization policies.
Smooth the progress of out of the country trade connections and business partnerships.

Make efforts to improve things with the help of government, ministries & other authorities in nationwide retail associated ventures.
Confer profitable charges for Members on constructive services.
Supply guidance for retail staff.
Expand and encourage retail as a smart vocation.
Arrange Singapore's yearly GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!!
Offer research and statistical studies and analyses for members as a yardstick of performance.
Provide the up-to-the-minute information through the magazine "The Retailer" and the newsletter "SRA NEWS".

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