DL Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon in Singapore

Do you belong to the group of people who are obsessed with their hair and for a hairstyle would not prefer to visit a regular salon, which would not be able to satisfy them as far as new hair style and a new look is concerned? For the above-mentioned purpose at Singapore, one of the most flourishing nations of the world, it is suggested to make a visit to the DL Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon in Singapore.

The moment you step inside this salon, the friendly atmosphere of this place would help you to relax and also would make you feel at home.

It offers a wide range of hair services. As far as hair styling at this salon is concerned the DL Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon sees to the fact that the hairstyle suits you perfectly. Apart from the hair services the other kinds of services that make this salon one of the most famed salons of this nation are the beauty and the facial services. The beauty and the facial services have invited till date quiet a large number of visitors and the staff of this salon leaves no stones unturned to satisfy its customers with the best of services and also pays heed to the fact that the guests receive their money's worth and opt for this place whenever the need arises for them to go for a beauty or a hair service.

Stated below is the address of this beauty and hair salon, which is:

DL Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon
Blk 548 Woodlands Drive 44 #01-02
Singapore 730548
As far as appointment is concerned, you are required to call up at either of the two numbers given below:
Telephone Number: 8934110/983086392

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