DFS Galleria Scottswalk in Singapore

Singapore has always earned the reputation of being the shoppers paradise. When it comes to shopping in Singapore the impressive shopping centers are considered to be the ultimate destinations. The specialty stores and fashion outlets are the best places to look for outstanding fashion products. DFS Galleria Scottswalk in Singapore is one of the main shopping centers of the nation. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about DFS Galleria Scottswalk in Singapore.

The mall houses the leading luxury brands and provides the customers a place to enjoy duty-free savings on their purchases.

The wide selection of prestigious brands offers the brand-conscious customers ample of choices to make the best deal. The young and fashionable crowd of the nation is the main target of DFS Galleria Scottswalk in Singapore.

The fashion stores feature the largest collection of fashion and cosmetics in Singapore. The stores offering unique local specialties are very popular among the travelers in search of authentic Singaporean products. The products offered to the customers come with a DFS 100% worldwide guarantee.

The splendid shopping center offers a unique shopping experience and invites people for exploring the ample of shopping facilities available. Located at 25 Scotts Road the mall provides easy access to the nearest Orchard MRT Station.

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