Far East Plaza of Singapore

Ideally located at the heart of the bustling Orchard Road tourist belt, Far East Plaza of Singapore is one of the most prestigious shopping centers of the island-state. The impressive six-storey building features over 800 stores and eateries to provide the visitors a wonderful unique experience. The most haunted destination for the young and the grungy offers incredible shopping facilities. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Far East Plaza of Singapore.

Far East Plaza of Singapore is the place for best bargains. If you possess special interest in bargaining then the mall leaves you with ample of options to make the best deal out of the available choices. The crowded little shops are packed with every little thing to meet the demands of the customers. A perfect place of hang out for both locals and expatriates sells everything ranging from most fashionable wares to precious gems.

Check out Level One to come across a wide variety of unique street fashion, charming accessories and other special items. Unlike other malls Far East Plaza of Singapore even offers its discerning visitors the exclusive facilities of shoe repairing, tailoring, feet massage and hair cut. The fashion forward crowd may even get their body pierced and tattooed. The lots of Chinese and Thai food outlets on the last floor serve delectable food items at reasonable rates.

Thai tom yam seafood soup and sweet pineapple rice are some of the mouthwatering delicacies available in the food outlets. The cheap shopping experience of the shopping center is a welcoming contrast to the expensive city boutiques. Most of the shops here do not display the price structure and the price is decided according to the appearance of the customer. The better you look the price of the products is also set to get a hike.

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