Cuisines of Singapore

The ethnic diversity of the nation imparts a strong influence on the cuisines of Singapore. The cuisines of Singapore bear strong influence of the Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian delicacies. The western traditions can also be reflected in the Singaporean cuisines. In Singaporean hawker stores one can come across a Chinese chef experimenting with tamarind, turmeric and ghee, which bear strong influence with the Indian style of cooking.

The Indian Chefs are also blessed with the liberty to use Chinese influences in their cooking styles. The cuisine of Singapore is significantly rich and is considered to be a major cultural attraction of the island state. The abundant hawker centers are the most sought after destinations for people in search of variety in tastes available at low prices. The Muslim population in Singapore is strictly against the consumption of pork while the Hindus do not eat beef. The close historical and cultural ties with Malaysia can also be reflected in the cuisine of Singapore. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about cuisines of Singapore. Browse through the various links of the page to collect more information on Cuisines of Singapore.

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