Chinese Influence in Singapore Cuisine

The Chinese inspired dishes in Singapore cannot be considered as mainstream Chinese cuisine. The early Chinese immigrants adopted the dishes to get oneself suited to the local circumstances. The dishes bear a strong Chinese influence and are the major attraction for the food-loving crowd in Singapore. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Chinese influence in Singapore cuisine. Lets put a glance on some of the popular Chinese inspired lip-smacking dishes of Singapore.

Bak Kut teh: Prepared by adding a variety of Chinese herbs and spices, the pork rib soup is one of the most popular appetizers in Singapore.
Ban mian: The flat noodles are handmade and served along with meatballs, vegetables, sliced mushrooms and egg.
Char Kway teow: Kuay teow is a flat rice floor noodles and stir-fried with other ingredients to prepare an incredible mixture

Chwee Kway: This dish is basically eaten for breakfast. The steamed rice cake is garnished with radish.
Curry chicken noodles: Especially meant for the spicy food lovers the yellow egg noodles are cooked in a chicken curry.
Hainanese chicken rice: Here the rice is cooked in the chicken stock and served along with steamed chicken. For better taste results the rice is eaten along with chili, ginger sauces and thick dark soy.
Hokkien mee: In this dish rice vermicelli and yellow noodles are together fried with shrimp, lard bits and sliced cuttlefish.

Oyster omelette: This is a very special Chinese preparation where the oysters are fried along with a mixture of special flour and egg.
Yusheng: This is a traditional Chinese dish eaten during the time of Chinese New Year celebration. It is basically a raw fish salad.

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