Indian Influence in Singapore Cuisine

The Indians might be residing in any part of the world but the taste of the spicy motherland dishes never leaves them. The Indian restaurants are popular in every part of the world for serving the mouthwatering variety of dishes cooked in a traditional Indian manner. Singaporean cuisines too bear a strong Indian influence due to the presence of many Indians in every part of Singapore. The spicy Indian dishes overwhelm the heart of the food lovers and the variety ranges from simple vegetable dish to incredible tandoori preparations.

Appom: Special rice pancake made by following Indian traditional methods.
Indian rojak: This is a special dish of the Indian Muslims in Singapore. In this recipe various vegetables are deep fried in batter along with seafoods.
Murtabak: This is a popular roti prata that comprises of minced mutton and onions to add a new flavor to the normal roti.
Nasi briyani: This is another Indian-Muslim dish; here the rice is cooked in stock. The rice is served along with grilled chicken, beef or mutton and tasty pickles.
Putu Mayam: This dish bears its origin from Sri Lanka. The dish resembles Sri Lankan hoppers.
Roti prata: It is pan-fried dough and is extremely popular among the Singaporeans. The variations may range from cheese, chocolate, durian and even ice cream.

Soup Kambing: Indian mutton soup recipe.
Tandoori: A special signature Indian dish where meats are grilled with spices.
Thosai: A south Indian specialty made with rice and lentil. The pancake is served along with coconut chutney and sambar dal.
Mee Kuah: This is an Indian style of cooking noodle with gravy. The red sauce comprises of chili paste, tomato puree and red food colouring. The other ingredients included in the dish are different kinds of vegetables and egg.
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