Cafe Iguana in Singapore

Singapore is the home to innumerous cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs, and discothèques and therefore it always pulsates with life. The crowded streets, the roadside cafes, the long queues in front of the food outlets, the noted historical site that speaks volumes about the creative bent of the mind of the architecture of the great architects of Singapore and also makes the tourists aware of the glorious history of Singapore beckons you to visit this place.

The Café Iguana in Singapore was started by Chilean Daniel Flores and Devin Otto Kimble (an American) in the year 2000.

It has made the best of its efforts to arouse the feeling amongst the visitors that it is based on a Mexican theme as every nook and corner of this restaurant cum bar highlights Mexican culture. This can be deducted from the fact that as you prepare yourself for a gastronomic experience, don't be surprised, if you get to see people dressed as 'angels' or 'drinking devils' or 'peasants', who try to entertain the guests in their own way. The 'angels', the 'peasants', the 'drinking devils' are basically characters that are usually found in the Oaxacan art (an art that originated in Mexico).

Much preparation has gone into its design and you need to get early to this place as in no time it gets packed and there is relatively a high chance of facing difficulty in finding a cozy corner to spend some special moments with your beloved.

However it is chiefly known for its sumptuous authentic Mexican food and the extensive range of tequila's. The bar, known as the 'La Bodeguita del Tequila' exhibits hundred kinds of tequila's.

Stated below is the address of the Café Iguana in Singapore along with the telephone number:

30 Merchant Road
#01-03 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282
Tel: (65) 6236 1275

Mentioned below are facts regarding the days and the hours of open of the Café Iguana.

Monday to Thursday - Remains open for 7 hours that is from 6.00 pm to 1.00 pm. Fridays - It remains open from 6.00pm to 3.00 pm. Saturday - Opening hours, 12.00pm to 3.00 pm. Sunday - Opening hours, 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm.

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