Cafe L' Espresso in Singapore

The city/nation/island of Singapore offers you with a lot of options as far as entertainment is concerned and the Cafés in Singapore plays a major role in this respect. The Singapore Cafes are the best place to relax and while away the time with friends or family or colleagues. It could be also said that a tour of the nation of Singapore without a visit to the Café L' Espresso in Singapore remains incomplete.

If you are passionate about western and continental cuisine then this is just the right place for you to be. It remains open from Sundays to Thursdays from 10.00am to 11.45 pm.On the eve of holidays that are considered to be the public holidays of Singapore and on the weekends that is on the Fridays and Saturdays the opening hours of this café are from 10.00 pm to 12.45 pm.

For a cup of tea or coffee there is no other place that provides the Café L' Espresso in Singapore a tough competition. For a cup of tea at this café you are required to make a trip to this café from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm as these are the few hours that has been allotted for tea service.

Along with tea it also serves excellent coffee and go for the sandwiches or the cakes or the fruits salads that are just yummy to accompany your tea or coffee. Without the trying out of the bread and butter pudding and the Hazelnut Slice you just cannot opt to leave this place. What better way to end your day at the café, than to go for the ice creams?

The laid back atmosphere of this café compels you to be at ease. Sip down your coffee or tea while you watch the setting sun that emblazons the sky with its ray of colors by opting to settle down by the swimming pool for your evening tea/coffee.

Given below is the address as well as the telephone number of Café L' Espresso:

22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221 Singapore
+65 6730 1743

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