Singapore Travel Insurance

Travelling in Singapore is a pleasure because of a number of reasons. Firstly, the country has excellent tourist infrastructure and lots of places to see and experience. Secondly, the country is very clean. So, the risk of infections and diseases is largely reduced. Thirdly, the crime rate in Singapore is very low, which makes the country a safe haven for tourists. So, if you live in Singapore and want to visit a different country, you need travel insurance which insures your home when you are away as well as any emergency situation which you might face during your travel.

There are several travel insurance companies in Singapore. A travel insurance policy is necessary, because if there is loss of baggage or if you have to undergo any medical treatment for an injury or any other illness, then it is the travel company that would bear all these costs. So to be safe, it is better to get in contact with theSingapore Travel Insurance Companies.

As far as Singapore Travel Insurance is concerned the best type of travel insurance to opt for are the Trip Cancellation Insurance or the Trip Interruption Insurance as they are willing to cover the costs in case there is a loss, which is generally avoided by the other insurance companies of Singapore. These two insurances are offered as a package to the customers or to the tourists of Singapore.

Well, if you looking to buy a travel insurance for yourself, then do read on below for more information on Singapore travel insurance.

Here are some companies which offer good travel insurance policies.

MSIG Singapore
One of the leading insurance companies in the country, MSIG Singapore offers customized travel insurance policies. Its travel insurance segment is called TravelEasy. You can choose between three kinds of travel policies – Standard Plan, Elite Plan and Premier Plan. All these policies offer a choice between individual policy and family policy. The insurance is offered for various travel related accidents and casualties such as accidental death or permanent disability, public transport cover, medical related benefits, child education grant, accidental bereavement benefit, mobility aid reimbursement and many others. The premiums vary depending on the number of days of travel and the kind of policy chosen.

HSBC, which is known as the world’s local bank, offers a number of travel benefits in Singapore. Known as the TravelSurance Plus, HSBC’s travel insurance provides flexible travel insurance policies. Coverage is provided for all basic risk factors such as medical and hospitalization expenses and travel inconvenience caused due to trip cancellations or another factors. In case of emergency medical conditions where the person has to be immediately shifted back to Singapore, the company offers unlimited worldwide coverage. If the policy holder is hospitalized, insurance cover takes care of accommodation of the person accompanying the policy holder on the vacation. With so many good benefits, it is no doubt that HSBC is one of the most preferred travel insurance providers in Singapore.

A major insurance provider in Singapore, Aviva brings a number of special policies for travelers. The company has been ranked among the top ten insurance companies in the country and handles activities involving millions of policies. With various worldwide comprehensive insurance plans, you can confidently travel to any part of the world. For frequent travelers, the company offers annual multi-travel insurance plans as well. The efficient Easy Travel Customer service offers travel insurance assistance round the clock. Its Travel Plus and Travel Lite insurance policies can be customized as per your individual requirements.

Chartis Travel Guard
Chartis Travel Guard, the Singapore travel insurer and provides extensive coverage on its policies. You can insure your emergency calls, public travel, medical expenses and luggage. In addition, the company offers other benefits such as reimbursements for travel cancellation, loss incurred due to acts of terrorism, flight diversion due to any number of reasons and many others. Your house is also secured when you are on a holiday. If you plan to indulge in some adventure activities during your trip, Chartis Travel Guard provides complete coverage for any injury or casualty caused due to such activities.

AXA Travel Insurance
AXA offers many benefits under its Smart Traveler travel insurance plans. With a wide range of options such as Annual multi-trip, family trip and single trip, the companies provide every kind of travel insurance required. You can choose between comprehensive and essential coverage plans. In addition to securing you against all medical expenses and different kinds of travel inconveniencies, the policy offers cover for sudden golf-related costs as well. The complete coverage provided is a great option for travelers.

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