Pistis Studio in Singapore

Pistis Studio is based in Singapore. Derrick Lim founded this studio in Singapore. This studio specializes in fields such as filming, productions, motion graphics designs, and also works at providing multi media solutions. All of these functions that this studio performs are closely linked with the field of music. The production of this studio of Singapore spans a large variety of occasions and includes such occasions like trailers, commercials, corporate videos, as well as weddings.

This studio of Singapore performs such tasks like Wedding Coverage, DVD Mastering and Custom Creation of Interactive motion DVD Menus, Pre-wedding MTV Drama, Training Videos, Events Coverage, Outing Coverage, Company Profile Video Presentation, Dinner and Dance Archives, Product Showcase and Presentation, Corporate Advertisements, Interactive TV Booth, Trade Expos, Digital Audio Editing, Streaming Audio, Digital Pre-Mastering, Sound Design, Jingles, Music Production, Music Composition, Music Arrangement.

This studio works efficiently towards making the field of communication a fluid and compelling experience by bringing together people from different spheres of life such as musicians, illustrators, artists, and film makers. Diverse talents from different walks of life hold the capability of influencing a diverse approach to each project that his studio undertakes. The studio uses different tools to work. In the field of sound the different tools that this studio uses in order to work would include Mac G5, Logic Pro 6, Pro Tools, Reason 2.5, M-Audio Firewire 410, and Digital Piano 88 Keys Kurtzwell.

In the field of video the various tools that are used by this studio would include such tools like Digital Video Filming using Canon Cameras and Lenses, Glidecam V8 Professional Camera Stabilization System, Liquid or Vegas SCSI Non Linear Editing System, Motion Graphics Design and Compositing using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, Vinten tripods and Fluid Heads.

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