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Bookstores in Singapore

For the vacation purposes you can give this island of Singapore a thought as the nation of Singapore is the home to numerous tourist sites, magnificent buildings and postcard landscapes and offers excellent dining and wining experience. So, just book tickets to get to this destination. At Singapore, a visit to the Book Stores in Singapore should be your top priority. The reason for it is that the bookstores store an excellent range of books such as health books, books on recipes, sports books, books that deal with the history of Singapore and other various kinds of books.

The English classics, the English fictions the comic books and story books in other languages such as Chinese, Malay and a few other languages adorn the bookstores of this nation. If you are an avid reader of books then you would surely derive pleasure from exploring the reputed bookstores as well as the non - reputed bookstores that are tucked away on the corner of the roads at Singapore or at other places.

Stores for Children Books in Singapore
If at Singapore you are in search for books for children then you would be delighted to know that it offers excellent books and the two chief Stores for Children Books in Singapore are the Bookabura book store and the Kinokuniya bookstore. The Bookabura bookstore is the home to books that are specially meant for the children, who belongs to the age group of six months to12 years. For the children who are few months old or 2 years or 3 years old you can go for the plastic books that features colorful pictures in order to arrest the attention of the toddlers.

Music Books Stores in Singapore
If music is your passion and if its music that gets you going all the time and if you are addicted to music books, then you have made the right choice by opting for this place to spend your holiday, as Singapore is the home to quiet a few Stores for Books on Music in Singapore. The place that you should visit for this purpose is the Music Plaza Bookshop, which is tucked away neatly at 68 Orchard Road, #06-01 Plaza Singapore. It is nestled at the Yamaha Music School. It is quite spacious and as you enter this shop you need to give some time to yourself to get mesmerized by the entire collection of music books.

Stores for Antique, Rare and Used Books
Trip to this nation remains incomplete without a visit to the bookstores of Singapore that accommodates a wide range of books. These bookstores cater to the needs of the children as well as the adults. The Stores for Antique, Rare and Used Books in Singapore are few in number. If you are looking for used books then the place to visit is the Cho Lon bookshop situated at the Holland Village which in turn is situated in close proximity to the Queenstown Area of Singapore.

Stores for Comic Books in Singapore
Comics have entertained children always and the comic books hold a special place in the hearts of the children. The comic books are books that have the capacity to hold the attention of the children who prefer their mama's to read out these books to them at bedtime. The nation/city/island of Singapore is the hone to quite a few comic stores. Given below are the details of the 2 Stores for Comic Books in Singapore, which are the Comics 'n' Bookshops and the G & B Comics store.

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