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Singapore Lifestyle

In simpler terms, lifestyle in Singapore reflects the various diversified aspects of ethos and rich culture of this magnificent island country. According to recent surveys, Singapore has been rated as the best East Asian country in terms of high quality life. It can be said that here the standard of living is really stylish and appeals to the people across the globe. So, does it appeal to you too and are you interested in upgrading your knowledge about Singapore lifestyle? Then simply have a look!

Home to a variety of cultures from different parts of the world, Singapore offers a lifestyle that mixes quality with diversity. Voted among the top 20 cities in the world that provide excellent living conditions, this South Asian city proves to be a safe and vibrant city to live in for natives, people coming from other parts of the world for work and expatriates. Listed below are the important things that describe lifestyle in Singapore.  

People of Singapore
Singapore lifestyle is based on the diverse people of the city. There is a unique blend of Asian values with Western liberalization. All the religious communities exist harmoniously. Temples, mosques and churches cater to each religious group. People, irrespective of their differences, respect each others’ religious sentiments. In addition, the Western influences among the Singaporean youth make them open to changes in the world. The use of drug as entertainment, though is looked down upon and the government is strict in implementing its laws against drug use.

Languages used in Singapore
Chinese (mostly), Malay and South Indians form the major part of the Singaporean population. It is no wonder then that you will find the Singapore Government using English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil as official languages. On the streets, the country has its own English dialect that has a unique mix of Chinese and Malay. Singaporeans call it ‘Singlish’. Children are taught Mandarin in schools. If you are planning to live in Singapore, although not mandatory, it does help to know the language to interact in the Chinese shops.

Living in Singapore
The urban living condition of Singapore is one of the best in the world. People stay in apartments in high rise buildings, also called HDB flats. But due to the ever increasing population in the approximately 700 square kilometers of land in the city, living rents are high. Additionally, the government has taken efforts in building more housing complexes in the reclaimed land from the ocean. Aside from this, living in Singapore is comparatively easy. Grocery is home delivered free of charge, any general mending and plumbing in the house is just a phone call away and you can also find a domestic help from the various agencies. Children attend government or private international schools. The locals spend their mornings and evenings in the parks, which are spread all across the city and are also responsible in making Singapore the 'Garden City'.  

Transportation in Singapore
Commuting from one part to another part of the city is not a problem in Singapore. The streets in the city are bustling during office hours. You can easily avail of taxis, buses and MRT trains. If you are traveling by bus or trains, it is beneficial to buy a transit card or EZLink card. This card can also be used to buy lunch at a fast food restaurant along with traveling. You can also hire and drive a car around the city with an International Driving Permit.

Higher Education in Singapore
The people of Singapore value merit and, therefore, higher education is given a lot of importance. Offering a range of courses from humanities to management to the technological fields, the national and international universities located here include the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and S.P. Jain Centre for Management.  

Health Care in Singapore
Singapore has an efficient and quality health care set up. Doctor visitations are affordable and hospital costs are not too high. Yet, it is better to have a medical insurance for hospital admissions and surgery.

Singapore Shopping, Eating Out and Entertainment
In terms of entertaining yourself, Singapore will spoil you with its range of choices. Huge air conditioned shopping malls housing all major international brands and the best priced electronics attract shopaholics from all parts of the world. Eating options range from lesser priced, yet delicious and filling street foods, to the good old American fast food chains to beautifully furnished fine dining restaurants. For entertainment there are a number of places of interest in Singapore including museums, movie theaters, amusement parks, the Universal Studio at the Sentosa Island and the Singapore Zoo. In short, Singapore lets you pamper yourself within your budget.

Features of Lifestyle of Singapore

Singapore boasts about its popular shopping malls, beautiful steel tempered buildings and roads, lavish restaurants, pubs and other food joints, lovely residential areas, domestic companies and last but not the least exotic sightseeing options.
All these aspects throw a light upon the ethnic and happening milieu of Singapore. Do you have any idea about the probable reason behind the diversity in the lifestyle of this island country? It is the result of the tremendous influence of the variety of customs, traditions and people and their popular beliefs. It would be a wonderful idea if you plan a short tour to this place and experience the vivid lifestyle options that it offers.

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. It is popular for its cosmopolitan culture, shopping offerings, and is actually called the most admired tourist spots. This place assures its residents best quality lifestyle. This position has been awarded by several reputed and internationally renowned organizations. It is considered as the best city of the world in terms of living standards. The various lavish amenities offered by Singapore comprise clean and safe environment, extensive medical services, comfortable housing facilities, world-class education and much more.

The main working language of Singapore is English. However, this island country is a multi-cultural society. Information and telecommunication facility of Singapore are also well established and it actually helps in connecting this small country with the rest of the world. Moreover, cost effective and convenient are the terms that aptly define the public transportation of Singapore. Singapore has a socio-cultural environment. This tiny country celebrates each and every single festival with loads of enthusiasm and fervor.

So, in short we can say that in Singapore the lifestyle actually encompasses a very sophisticated business class living highly influenced by the diverse cultures of the world. It is a developed nation and its modernity, richness and variety is reflected in the living standards of the people.

Last Updated On: 29th June 2012

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