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People in news in Singapore

Singapore is a dynamic and vibrant place with something latest happening every single moment. People from all across the globe are interested in knowing what the present scenario is and what is actually happening in this island-city. For instance, the world is keenly concerned in knowing about the people in news in Singapore and more such similar types of news. It is the result of globalization. Moreover, Singapore is one of the most desired and sought after tourist attractions of the world. This aspect is another reason why travelers coming from various countries to explore Singapore are so much interested in knowing the latest events and news of Singapore. In the Asian region, Singapore is the headquarters of some of the leading news agencies of the world.

People hitting the headlines in Singapore

If you think size matters, then you’d be at a loss of words and grope for an answer to explain Singapore’s phenomenal success. Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world with a total area of 710 sq kms (274 sq. Miles) but has a burgeoning economy that is larger than most nations around the world. Singapore is the fourth largest financial center in the world and offers the most investor friendly environment in the world. Many skilled and semi-skilled individuals flock to Singapore to make their careers and many of them make the country their permanent home. Singapore is also a very happening city-nation in the world where path breaking events are being staged almost every single day. One of the many reasons why travelers rush to Singapore is to view people making News in Singapore from close quarters.

People in high places in Singapore

Singapore also has a thriving arts and culture scene that attracts tourists from the world, apart from its bustling bazaars, boisterous street life, swanky hotels, and world famous sight seeing places. And if you’re wondering about the People in news in Singapore, well the nation does have its fair share of celebrities. These famous personalities were not born with a golden or silver spoon in their mouth but really worked their up. They’ve been immensely successful in carving out a niche for themselves in their respective spheres.

You can know about the famous personalities in Singapore by going online. Alternatively, you can look them in ‘The Strait Times’, ‘Asian Correspondent’, and ‘Asian Pac Finance’, ‘Asian Wall Street Journal’, ‘The Business Times’, ‘Day breaking News’, and many other newspapers. And you can always, watch the television for your regular feed.

Many Singaporeans regard Lee Kuan Yew, as one of the most venerated of personalities. Lee Kuan played a major role in freeing the nation from colonial yoke and was Singapore’s first prime minister. Incidentally, his eldest son is the current PM of Singapore. Zoe Tay, is one artiste (actress) who’s won the ‘Top Ten Most Popular Artistes’ Award 10 times-a feat very few artiste could match. Faudi Ahmed is one of the most revered of sportspersons in Singapore. Almost all Singaporeans know Stephanie Sun-a singer of national repute who’s received the ‘Most Promising Artiste Award’ in 2000. She’s a household name in Singapore. She’s has made it a habit of making it to the topmost Singapore People in News listings regularly.

Movers and Shakers in Singapore represent almost all walks of life

Here are some more names of people in news in Singapore who have really made the nation proud. They represent a diverse spectrum of professions and have worked very hard to achieve success. Huyang Di Ya, Cavin Soh, K. Shanmugam, and Lim Hwee Hua are some well-known personalities who’ve been in news recently. But the following individuals figure in ‘Singapore’s top 20 personalities’ list. They are Christopher Lee and Fann Wong-the most celebrated of celebrity couples; Jane Lee-the first woman to climb the Everest in Singapore; Seelan Palay- a social activist; Vernetta Lopez-an actress, TV host, DJ, and entrepreneur all rolled into one; Haresh Sharma-arguably the nation’s most famous playwright; Ethan Ong-just a ten-year old drummer and a child prodigy; Yeap Chang Guat-the proprietor of the ‘Cedele’ chain of bakeries and restaurants and Daniel Boey-Singapore’s most noted choreographer.

Some more names from the Singapore’s Top Twenty Hotlist

Andre Chiang is perhaps the most feted of all celebrity chefs in Singapore. And who doesn’t’ know Dick Lee-a multifarious personality. Natalya Twohill is a social worker who has championed the causes of the youth. Other People who have been in news in Singapore and made it to the ‘Top Twenty List’ are Alan Johnson, Hubert Wee, Nadya Hutagulang, Sonny Lew and Hadassah Lau.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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