Flight Experience Singapore

If you missed visiting the Flight Experience entertainment center in Singapore because you had a very busy schedule or you were on a short trip in your earlier sojourns, then keep it on the top of your priority list in your next Singapore itinerary. The Flight Experience is one of the topmost tourist attractions in Singapore that lets you have a hands-on experience of flying a Jumbo 737. You get to steer a mammoth Boeing 737 right from the take off to the landing stage. You also learn how to control the giant flying machine while itís up in the air. In short, every moment spent inside the cockpit of the Singapore Flight Simulator is worth cherishing. Itís the ultimate flying experience truly speaking.

About the Flight Experience enterprise

The Flight Experience enterprise was incorporated in 2001. The aspirations of a troika of aviation aficionados got a concrete shape when the first flight simulator was unveiled in Christchurch in New Zealand. The Singapore Flight Simulator started operations in 2008 and it received the official mandate of CASA in 2011.

All the Flight Experience franchisees including the one in Singapore are operated by the franchisee holders who also hold the proprietary rights, the principal Pacific Simulators 2010 Ltd. holds the franchisee allotment rights and oversees the aspects of technical support and service, marketing and sales, training, maintenance, manufacturing, and franchisee building and development.

Whatís the experience like?

Your ride or experience inside the Flight Experience Flight Simulator is as good as steering a Leviathan Boeing 737 all the way from Singapore International Airport to the JFK or the La Guardia Airport in New York City. You just have to be in the captainís seat to get a high. The flight instructor gives you a thorough brief and then demonstrates how to get the giant moving. Thereafter you find yourself on the pilotís seat- your hands on the propelling levers and the control panel and your feet stationed on the tiller pedals-all set to take off. You just canít wait to get the nod from the ATC (air traffic control) as you start taxiing down the runaway. You experience an adrenaline rush as the plane picks up momentum and finally goes off the ground.

You take a sharp 45 degrees swerve after you attain a height and leave the airport. Now, youíre floating in the clouds and get to see the entire world beneath you just as an eagle does. But you cannot afford to get lost in the breathtaking sights as youíd need to control the altitude, keep an eye on other planes in your vicinity and regulate the velocity besides manning a bewildering assortment of display screens and control knobs. Driving the Singapore Flight Simulator is akin to receiving training like a commercial pilot. You get to experience and feel all the features associated with flying a jumbo-the seat throbbing, the hi-tech cooling mechanism and the ear splitting noise. It is easily one of the top notch Singapore attractions that pack in all in a punch if youíre looking for a unmatched aviation experience.

Packages ensemble

The Singapore Flight Experience entertainment center offers you a suite of packages to choose from- City-to-City, Take-offs & Touching Base, and White-Knuckle Approaches. If you want to really challenge your guts and endurance skills, you should go for the White-Knuckle Approach. Youíre certain to miss a heartbeat as you try to dodge the skyscrapers over Hong Kongís Kowloon District or maneuver the machine while you try to locate the diminutive runway in Paro nestled somewhere in the plains below the towering Himalayas. But the 1 hour ĎCity Flyerí package that sees the maximum number of bookings.

So the next time you plan your Singapore trip, keep a day aside for the Flight Experience and have unbridled fun inside the cockpit of the Singapore Flight Simulator.

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