Marine Life Park, Singapore

Marine Life Park Singapore is an oceanarium located in Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa Island Singapore. Spread over 20 acre, Marine Life Park comprises of two parts, the Adventure Cove Water Park and SEA Aquarium, is the largest in the world, as far as oceanariums are concerned.

S.E.A. Aquarium

In terms of numbers and size, S.E.A. Aquarium, is simply huge. It houses around one lakh sea creatures, from around 900 different species. †Some of the interesting creatures include hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and controversial Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.†Wild dolphins are also present in the park, though animal rights activists are protesting against it.

Wildlife conservation is implemented here with the help of different organization, and the park management tries its best to allow the species to grow, breed and flourish, so there is no crisis as such. Quality facilities are available and the specific habitats are created to provide the species their natural environment.

The number of these habitats is around 50. These habitats are inspired from different locations in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. You will also happen to watch the largest viewing panel in the world, which opens the window to a big Open Ocean habitat. Itís an astounding 40X8m panel with 8m as its height.

This creates a dream like environment in the water park. Furthermore, not only can you walk along the marine creatures inside your glass panel, you can also enjoy dining here in the restaurants, which offer amazing seafood meals.

Adventure Cove Water park

Marine Life Park†offers two tickets, one for the SEA Aquarium, where you get to see the ocean without having to go for deep sea diving and without wetting yourself across the glass panel; the other is for Adventure Cove Water park, where you can play with water, swim, float, dance with waves, and splash till you tire. †

Adventure Cove Water park offers a hydro-magnetic coaster, which is pure fun and you can do it alone or with a partner in the tube. It is referred to as Riptide Rocket, and itís a slide, which is fun, as it projects you up and down, sideways, inclined to right sometimes and the to the left, bending around sharp curves and that too in complete darkness before pushing you out on an open canal area. †

The Blue-water Bay wave pool is a pure fun and then there is a canal type river of around half a kilometer length, which passes through small and artificial picturesque cave, an aquarium, and tropical jungles. †

In the Rainbow Reef, you can enjoy snorkeling with 20,000 colorful reef fish or indulge in ray-feeding. Marine Life Park, Singapore is one of the last additions to S$7 billion Island resort. The other attractions here are Universal Studios and the Maritime Experiential Museum.

For SEA Aquarium, the ticket price for the whole day is S$30 and S$20 for adults and children/senior citizens. The same charges apply for entry into Adventure Cove Water Park. The opening time is 10am to 8pm. It would be better to book it in advance, as sometimes there is huge rush and itís difficult to get the tickets.

Education about Marine life
Apart from a wide range of fun activities, Marine Life Park also offers the facility to engage yourself in educational programs designed to deepen your knowledge about the ocean, marine life and their ecosystems. You will also learn how to protect marine life around yourself.

For inquiries you can call +65 6577 8888 or send an email at
For reservation you can call +65 6577 8899 or send an email at

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