Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore was the second of Universal Studios’ theme parks to be unveiled in Asia, the first being in Japan. The theme park with a total area of 24 hectares is ensconced and safely tucked inside Resorts World in Sentosa Island, Singapore. Since construction started in April, 2008, the park was fully poised for an imposing opening in late May, 2011. It is open throughout the year and there are a total of 20 rides including 5 roller coaster rides and 2 water rides. The Halloween Horror Nights attractions were unveiled in the month of October in the same year.

Of the 24 major attractions in Universal Studios Singapore, 18 of these are oriented around the patented themes of Universal Studios. There are seven thematic sectors in the park each one being themed around a blockbuster film or a hit television series and a loch sits amidst these sectors.

Every zone is self contained complete with its set of exclusive attractions, shopping malls, and cafeterias. The park houses two of the world’s loftiest roller coasters and a citadel similar to the one in the animation movie ‘Shrek’ which are amongst its prime crowd pullers.

The Thematic Zones

Since the star attractions and features in all the parks are based around popular Hollywood movies, they are more appropriately referred to as movie theme parks. The themed sectors are:- ‘Hollywood’, ‘New York’, ‘Sci-Fi City’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘Ancient Egypt’, ‘Far, Far Away’, and the ‘Lost World’.

You gain entry to the park through the Hollywood Zone which resembles the tinsel town of the 70’s and has a ‘Walk of Fame’ avenue serenaded by gaunt palm trees and also has several awe-aspiring architectural structures. It also has a smattering or retail stores and F&B outlets like ‘Mel’s Drive-In’ and ‘Hollywood China Bistro’.

The New York Sector gives you a peep into the New York City of the post-modernist era with its skyscrapers, neon light billboards, kerbs, public squares and parks. A life-size model of the New York State Library looks almost like the real thing. Enjoy the show ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ hosted by no less than Steven Spielberg and have a scrumptious meal either at KT’s Grill or Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour.

The Sci-Fi City Sector is a surreal conurbation that gives you a glimpse of what the planet Earth would be like say, 100 years from now. It is home to a couple of roller coasters touted as the world’s tallest pair named after the popular ‘Battlestar Galactica’ TV serial. Don’t miss the rides on the ‘Teacups Accelerator’ and the ‘Transformers’. Indulge in shopping in ‘Galactica PX’ and whep your appetite in ‘Starbot Cafe: Human Refueling Centre’.

The Ancient Egypt theme park as the name implies has themes and attractions that take you to the Egypt of yore. It houses pyramids, obelisks, and catacombs of the Pharaohs. Hop on to the ‘Treasure Hunters’ or the ‘Revenge of the Mummies’ rides and then have your fill at ‘Oasis Spice’ Cafe.

At the Madagascar zone embark on a journey of discovery in the water boat ride ‘A Crate Adventure’ and let your kids freak out on the ‘King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. Have a bite at ‘Gloria’s Snack Shack’ or ‘Marty’s Casa Del Wild’.

While you’re in ‘Far Far Away’ zone, take a peep inside the Shrek 4-D Adventure, ‘Donkey Live’. Have an adrenaline rush while you’re on the ‘Enchanted Airways’-a rollercoaster. Kids will be absolutely thrilled when they’re atop the ‘Magic Potion Spin’-a Ferris wheel.

The Lost World has facilities that are common to all Universal Studios parks around the world. The ‘Jurassic Park’ and the ‘Waterworld’ are the two main sub-sectors in this zone. If you’re settled in Singapore, you can go for an annual pass with ‘Universal Express Access’ for $288 that lets you and your family enjoy special features like ‘Ride the Movies’.

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