Wild Wild Wet in Singapore

If you are in the search of a best location to spend some leisure hours in the warm summer days then scroll down the page to come across the name of a majestic water park. Nestled along the Downtown East, Pasir Ris the Wild Wild Wet is an amazing water park. The wide variety of attractions and thrilling rides leaves you in utter surprise. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Wild Wild Wet in Singapore.The 3-story high raft water slide is the main attraction of the park and is ranked as the first of its type in the entire Southeast Asia. The twisting-twirling turns of the thrilling rides enhances the mood of your vacation.

The famous three thrilling rides of the water park are Samsung slide-up, the waterworks and Ular-Lah. People willing to take a ride on the waterworks are sure to make their way down into the splash pool after passing through ample of twists and turns.

The other main attractions of the city are Jacuzzi, Shiok River, Skyrider, Wall's Tsunami, Yakult and Yippee. The park offers a wide lot of facilities that draws the attention of the visitors.

The food lovers are sure to have a great time gorging on the delicious pizzas and burgers in KFC and Pizza Hut respectively. The wild wild wet in Singapore is an incredible destination to plan for perfect family getaway. The lush green ambience of the park marks the visit of a number of tourists during the summer months. The cool water of the park is considered to be the best means of relaxation and comfort.


At Wild Wild Wet, the tickets for children of age three to eleven years are priced at $14, whereas for adults above twelve years, itís $19. †If it is a family of two adults and two children, the entire ticket would be of just $60. Apart from that, there are several super savers, discounts, festival offers and promotional prices available at Wild Wild Wet.†

If there is a group of minimum 15 children, the charge would be between $21 and $33. The water park opens daily except on Tuesdays. It also remains closed during public and school holidays. It has majorly three time slots and that is from 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm and then 4pm to 6pm. During the weekdays the operating hours are 1pm to 7pm and on weekends and public holidays itís 10am to 7pm.


Ular Lah: Itís the first of its kind of the raft slide in the entire Southeast Asia. It can accommodate five friends of yours. This is an amazing ride for people looking for fun, thrill and adrenaline rush. You can be a champion to reach the landing pool in record time and repeat the process if you want to continue enjoying the fun.

The Water Works: A high speed flume ride to satisfy your adventurous streak, with its twists and turns. You will feel tossing here and there like a child. †It allows you to have a friendly race till you land in the pool. A little practice and lying a little low will increase your speed.

Slide Up: Itís a very adventurous and enjoyable ride where you plunge down from a very high platform to hit the deck, reach the opposite end and then swing back and forth until the moment finishes. You will feel the gravity and high kinetic energy at work, if you indulge in skateboarding here.

Professor's Playground: Not only is it fun for adults to slide and swing along the water in a safe depth of 0.3 meters, but itís also extremely safe and interesting for children. Professor's Playground brings all the fun for kids with ladders, fountains and water cannons.†

Tsunami: Itís like a swimming pool in the sea, where you can surf safely without having to confront strong oceanic tides and winds.

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