Daily Home Cooking Class

The daily home cooking class in Singapore offers a unique opportunity to the persons interested in mastering the art of preparing exotic and local culinary cuisines. The daily home cooking class in Singapore teaches you the skills of rustling up both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The daily home cooking class in Singapore is conducted on all week days from Monday through Friday. The daily home cooking class in Singapore can cost from $ 50 -$60 for a single person

Menus taught in the Daily Home Cooking Class
Vegetarian Menus

Green beans with cumin & fennel
Potato and mushroom curry
Chapati and spiced rice
Tofu with cashew-nuts
Slightly-fried kalian
Noodles in vegetables-broth
Sambal Kangkong
Eggplant petjal
Turmeric rice
Mixed-vegetables with basil
Green-vegetables curry
Pineapple rice
Nonya Laksa
Vegetable & tofu satay

Kueh Teow
Nuoc Mam Gung a type of ginger-sauce
Com Ga, a garlic & ginger rice dish with mushrooms
Lepat Pisang or steamed banana-cakes
Potato curry
Mushrooms and snowpeas with spring onions and ginger
Stir-fried spinach with garlic
Fried rice
Mixed vegetable curry
Chapati dhal rice
Tahu Goeng, a dish consisting of vegetable salad and fried Tofu
Mee Goreng
Green bean, mushroom and tofu curry
Som Tam which is a green papaya salad
Tom Yum Kung, a type of spicy mushroom soup
Baby eggplants stuffed
Vegetable dish with Sichuan pepper and ginger
Eggs with fried marrow
Eggs in chilli sauce
Tofu in chilli sauce
Mint rice

Non-Vegetarian Menus
Acar Timum
Pepper prawns and crabs
Penang Laksa noodles
Laab Tao Hu which is a spicy beancurd salad dish with mushrooms
Kai Yin or the garlic chicken dish
Chicken soup with galangal
Fish-curry dish known or the Kari Ikan
Herb-rice or Nasi Kerabu
Chicken-fried with celery
Steamed-fish treated with fragrant sauce
Tofu & vegetable soup
Yoghurt cucumber salad or raita
Fish grilled in spicy coconut-paste
Fried marrow treated with eggs & prawns
Chicken wrapped in paper
Grilled masala fish

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