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Singapore is one of the most modern and beautiful cities of South East Asia. Situated just south of the Malaysian state of Johor, the island city of Singapore perfectly blends ancient with the modern. Fine dining in Singapore is a luxury, every tourist wants to enjoy, as here you get some of the best cuisines from around the world. Singapore is multicultural and multiethnic and that makes it a perfect place for Waterfront Dining. You can find a rich variety of local flavors in any of the Fine dining hotels in this cosmopolitan island city.

It is estimated that Singapore has over 2,000 eating establishments, so a traveller will never be at a loss for a place to go. Apart from the hawker centres, roadside stalls and fast food joints that are available at every corner, Singapore also offers the pleasure of exquisite fine dining, accompanied by spectacular views of Singapore that can be enjoyed while savoring mouth-watering food.

Singapore is an island of varied culture, which is invariably followed by availability of varied cuisines.

All over Singapore, in every nook and corner one would find food being served hot or cold and in innumerable varieties. The aroma and the whiffs pervading from the local eateries or the fine dining hotels itself forms an appetizer and arouses your taste buds more than ever.

It is essential to savor and enjoy the distinct taste which each cuisine offers, An estimated of over 2000 eating establishments for satisfying your hunger are eagerly waiting to make you their guests and serve you authentic, mouth watering delicious food It is estimated that

Singapore has over 2,000 eating establishments, so a traveler will never be at a loss for a place to go. Apart from the hawker centers, roadside stalls, fast food joints and fine dining hotels that are available at every corner. Singapore also offers the pleasure of fine dining, accompanied by spectacular views of Singapore that can be enjoyed while savoring mouth-watering food.

Les Amis
Les Amis is one such place where you can enjoy some of the best delicacies from Japan and other parts of the world. It was inducted into the Les Grandes Tables du Monde, the list of the best international fine dining places. The process of induction is not that simple, the particular restaurant has to be recommended by the existing chefs in Les Grandes in order to be a part of the reputed association. It is the hallmark of the culinary reputation of any restaurant. Famous restaurateurs from around the world and president of Les Grandes have themselves dined here before signing it into the Les Grandesí list.

5 Omakase restaurants in Singapore
When, you talk about the best Singapore dining spots, you canít ignore, 5 Omakase restaurants. This is a Japanese theme hotel where you donít order anything and leave everything to the chef.

The chef then exhibits his art of making the best Japanese cuisines such as sushi, sashimi, grilled and simmered dishes. Your trip to Singapore is incomplete, if you donít enjoy the food at chef-driven Omakase.

Salut Private Dining
Karl Dobler, the chef de cuisine makes sure that the food prepared by him shows itself off. Recommended by the the Singapore Chefsí Association, Salut offers you the kind of cuisines which use the best ingredients and the best ways to cook them. This Austrian restaurant is famous for its roasted, juicy and crispy dishes.

Caff B
A nouveau Italian restaurant and bar, Caff B is an ideal place to spend your evening in style. You get a perfect place to dine, which carries the essence of two blended cultures, the Japanese and the Italian. It is located on the beautiful Marina Bay Sands and that is the reason it makes one of the best waterfront dining spots. At Caff B, you get the premium Italian cuisine along with the best wines of Italy in a truly glamorous environment. So, you get the best of both worlds; i.e. contemporary Italian dishes and western cuisine, plus hospitality of the East.

Hide Yamamoto
if you're looking for fine Singapore hotels your search ends at Hide Yamamoto. Hide Yamamoto is also located in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. This restaurant is named after Hide Yamamoto, who is an award-winning chef. The restaurant offers you a spacious place with a wide variety of menus and concepts.

Some of the most popular cuisines offered in hide Yamamoto are Sushi, Robata, Ramen and sake bar selection. The best thing about the sushi offered here is that it is air flown in fresh from Tokyo, Japan daily. The charcoal grill called Robata comprises of Japanese fish, beef and vegetables. Ramen are Japanese noodles prepared with many centuries old homemade techniques.

The restaurant also offers Teppan tables, and pastry menu including semi-Western recipes. So, Hide Yamamoto has something for everyone.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine
Imperial Treasure restaurant is also located on the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Imperial Treasure is known for excellent service and premium cuisines and is popular throughout Singapore. The restaurant offers the best Chinese delicacies in the entire Singapore.

Singapore is also known for sky dining, tropical Garden dining, and Romantic dining which is available in some of the best Singapore dining places.

Fine Dining with your loved ones and dear ones will truly be a memorable event in one of Singapore's fine dining hotels.

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