Romantic Dining at Sentosa

Sentosa is an island in Singapore, which is famous for fine dining. It is surrounded by lush green nature and the deep blue South China Sea. The panoramic view of the sea and the colorful electric lights make it a hot favorite destination of the tourists for romantic dining. Sentosa Singapore is just 10 minutes away from the downtown CBD (Central Business District) and you will find here a plethora of restaurants offering the global cuisines and dishes that are a feast for your palate. This offers a perfect set up for romantic diners as itís away from the rush and noise of the metropolis.

Some of the famous restaurants and dining centers at Sentosa are as follows:

This a fine dining center specializing in classic Chinese cuisines. The inspiration is drawn from the ancient Chinese foods using spices from the western parts of Asia.

Tradition is blended with the modern trends and authentic local ingredients are used, that are sure to take you on cloud nine. Most of the recipes are purely traditional and regional, but they carry the essence of the modern Cantonese flavor.

Chinois is also a Chinese romantic restaurant, offering the splendid oriental charm along with modern glitz and glamour.

Feng Shui Inn
Feng Shui Inn is an elegant Chinese restaurant, which brings to you the authentic dishes from Canton and Hong Kong area. It offers a perfect feast for the connoisseurs in Singapore dining Island.

Il Lido Italian Restaurant
Taste the delicacies of Europe in Singapore. Il Lido Italian Restaurant offers you the cuisines of Venice's Lido island right in this Eastern Island. The restaurant prefers casual wear for its staff, but there is personalized touch and the service is amazingly good.

Jol Robuchon Restaurant
You will find some exclusivity in this restaurant. Named after the chef Joel Robuchon, this fine-dining center ranks very high in ďMichelin-listĒ of the best restaurants in the world.

Kunio Tokuoka
If you are crazy for Japanese delicacies, Kunio Tokuoka is the ideal place for you. With Michelin fame chef Kunio, this is one of the best places in Singapore Sentosa Resort to enjoy Kaiseki cuisine.

L'Atelier de Jol Robuchon
This is a new concept in dining, where you have an open kitchen and you can actually supervise the cooking process. So, what you get is actually what you need in terms of taste and ingredients.

Nogawa Japanese Restaurant
It is a spacious Japanese restaurant in Singaporeís dining island, Sentosa. Inside this city, it has two other outlets, one each in Le Meridien and Japanese Association. Backed by a renowned chef, it offers seduction for your taste buds.

If you want to enjoy Chef Scott Webster's master dishes, OSIA the right place for you. Scott is a celebrity in the world of fine dining.

Rang Mahal Pavilion
If you want to enjoy Indian delicacies, then Rang Mahal Pavilion is the ideal place for you. You would be lost in the mesmerizing range of Indian cuisines here.

Anar Restaurant
Feel the royal touch of the Middle East at Anar Restaurant. This magnificent and imperial restaurant offers you the authentic dishes from Dubai and Iran. Decorated kingly restaurant with the spectacular harbor view presents a regal experience in fine dining Singapore. This is also a good place for people looking for entertainment in Singapore

Baifuting is the restaurant for the lover of Chinese Cantonese food. With grand windows and terrace, itís a perfect place for dining. You can enjoy the Cnatonese cuisines such as Whole Deep-fried Crispy Chicken, Braised Whole Abalone, Birdís Nest with Rock Sugar and Stir-fried Scallop with XO Sauce.

If you want to taste the exotic dishes of Chinese chicken rice set and a variety of seafood such as Ah Wok Claypot, Bait is the right place for you. Come enjoy the best of Asia here.

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