Peranakan of Singapore

Folk Music of Singapore has for long been a major attraction of the incredible nation. But the folk world is an interesting mix of many ethnic cultures existent in Singapore and one such group which has taken the center stage of the Folk Music of Singapore is Peranakan. Peranakan of Singapore has been drawing tourists from across the globe, with an interest in studying and experiencing this centuries old culture and its art architecture and music. Peranakan, the ethnic group, originated when the old Chinese citizens started trading with countries overseas such as the Malays in Singapore centuries ago.

The blend of the Chinese traders and the Malay locals gave birth to this unique Asian group called the Peranakan. Hence, in their music, through which they expressed their feelings and emotions, we find a peculiar amalgamation of Chinese and Malay tunes.

When the members of the Peranakan of Singapore came into contact with the other groups, especially the English, certain traits of this culture too got

imbibed into the Peranakan Musical scenario which gave it the present stance as we se it today.The Chinese tunes are quite prominent in the Peranakan Music of Singapore, but even though the group originated from the Chinese, Peranakan Community considered themselves superior to the other Chinese as they were better off financially. As they were very well versed in Chinese, Malay and English languages, the traits can easily be found in the Peranakan Folk Music.

Peranakan Folk Music is very much popular around the whole of Singapore.Some of the songs have received the stature of contemporary music and have even gained popularity in on the global front as well. One of these songs which has become very well known in Singapore is Bunga Sayang which was performed at the 117th IOC Session held at Esplanade.

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