Musicians in Singapore

Singapore being an amalgam of numerous musical genres, all kinds of music are popular in this nation of Sunny beaches. From folk to pop, rock to jazz, opera to hip hop you will get to hear all of these and much more. But singers and bands, songs and performances cannot exist without musicians including instrumentalists and composers. Musicians in Singapore too are numerous in numbers, where while some are engaged in bands, still others are in operas and musicals and some are professional solo artists specializing in instrumentals.

If you are looking for drummers, Bassists, Bagpipers, Accordion players, Guitars, Harpists, Keyboardists, Organ players, Percussionists, Pianists, Programmers, String players or players of Woods, you will get Musicians in Singapore who specializes in all of these categories. Not only do these musicians perform live in Musical concerts and operas, but also accompanies solo singers and other bands, either for their albums or live performances or both.

Amongst the Musicians in Singapore, a few composers have made great name for themselves locally as well as internationally. The composers provide compositions for singers and also operas and musicals, to be performed live in the cultural theaters or television. Some of these composers have even made a mark on the international front as much as on the minds of the locals. One category where the best composers put in their compositions is the National Day songs which are aired around the nation around the time of August 9.

The names of a few well known musicians in Singapore are:
Piano -Jeremy Monteiro, Gao Yang, Andrew Yau
Accordions musicians -Tony Chua, Amrik Singh
Guitars - Stephen De Souza
Keywords - George Leong
Drums - Tama Goh

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