Defunct Attractions of Sentosa Island

It is the saddest part of the story when time comes to discuss about the defunct attractions of Sentosa Island. A vibrant tourist spot like Sentosa Island could not maintain all its attractive assets whether they were artificially created or natural. Is this failure hampering the growth of tourism in Sentosa Isalnd? Perhaps not. New things have replaced the old ones but Sentosa must come out of this careless attitude and concentrate on the maintenance and development of the past attractions along with the upcoming projects.

Fantasy Island, Volcanoland and Musical Fountain are the three most prominent defunct attractions of Sentosa Island. Let us come to their magical effects one by one.

Fantasy Island: This was a water based theme park in Sentosa that was opened in 1994. The focus of the project was a fine display of numerous water slides and other features. Tourists used to enjoy a wide variety of rides and treats and the gushing down of roller coasters through water slides. It was also known for its imaging cashing services. Unfortunately, it lost its popularity because of several tragic accidents and fatalities and the authority decided to close it on 2nd November 2002.

Volcano land: was artificially created to give the impression of a volcano in the midst of Mayan motifs and scenery. It would give out the feel of ancient Mayan Civilization and the legendary Mount Prospero that would take you to the centre of the earth for further explorations of the origin of the world and its evolution process. The aim is to meet the God of Fire at the final stage of your journey. In short, it is a fascinating journey to the Kingdom of fire.

The last one is the Musical Fountain that was closed after 25 years of operation with its last show staged on 25th March 2007. The show used to be a spectacular combination of water fountain, lasers and music. Three dimensional images were created through the refractive and reflective effect of the lasers against water particles from various angles. But, Musical Fountain has got a happy ending unlike other defunct attractions of Sentosa Island. It is now being replaced by an equally fascinating show named as The Songs of the Sea.
Let us wait anxiously for the day of revival of the defunct attractions of Sentosa Island and to know more about Sentosa Island, log on to our site focussingapore.

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