Events in Sentosa Island Singapore

Experience an eventful life at Sentosa Island as the land welcomes you with an offer of participating in a wide range of events. It is time to explore the events in Sentosa Island. The first one that deserves attention is the Singapore Open. It is a golf event of Sentosa which is generally held during the month of September. In 2005, the event continued from 8- 11 September. The usual venue is Sentosa's Golf Club's Serapong Course. This event is quite popular due to its high percentage of participation from Asian region. Singapore Open is truly Asian in spirit.

One of the major events in Sentosa Island is the Sentosa Balloon Hats Festival which began in 2004. It is a spectacular march of local secondary school bands along the beach of Tanjong to Palawan. Events are displayed during the march and the whole scene is highly colorful as the participants dress up in unique fashion. Each one would wear a self made balloon hat and each school follows its own design pattern which is invariably different from others. What can be more spectacular event in Sentosa Island than this unique display of hundreds of designed balloon hats?

The most common and popular event in Sentosa Island is the Beach Parties. Any one can anticipate the hype of this event as Sentosa is mainly known for its wonderful beaches. Siloso Beach hosts the annual ZoukOut beach party that is generally organized by Zouk nightclub. Statistics shows that about 18,000 to 20,000 people gather at this event. We should also mention at this juncture that about 15,000 people who come together at the new year eve party, NYE Splash on 31st December at the same beach. The figures surely prove that the native people of the land of tranquility somehow love to get into the party mood very often.

Sentosa people not only love to arrange parties but also go for flower events like the Sentosa Flowers Event at the Fountain Gardens. This is a major event in Sentosa Island. The event generally coincides with the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival and thereby contributes to the creation of festive ambiance in Sentosa. The event is accompanied by painting, gardening and photograph competitions.

In short, life in Sentosa is vibrant enough to overshadow the concept of "tranquility" that prevails in the land. People of varied interests gather together for the arrangements of various events throughout the year. Thus, Sentosa is not actually just a serene place inhabited by some idle people who love to spend their evenings on the sea beaches. Check out more information on Sentosa Island from our site focussingapore.

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