Geography of Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, the land of peace and tranquility is located at the southwest side of Singapore city center. Knowledge about the geography of Sentosa Island is a must in order to understand its charm. Sentosa Island is a 5 square kilometers stretch of land, which is just a quarter of a mile away from the southern coast of the main island of Singapore. One will find that 70% of the island is covered with rain forest, the favorite dwelling place of monkeys, monitor lizards, peacocks and parrots. Sentosa is a good collection of a wide range of flora and fauna.

Tourists love to go for long walks on the 3.2 Kilometer stretch of white sandy beach. Sentosa is the fourth largest island of Singapore.Senotosa Island is a popular holiday destination, which is visited by 2 million people (approx) per year.

The sandy beach on the southern coast, historical fortifications in Fort Siloso since World War II, musical fountain which creates three dimensional images through laser interaction against water particles, golf courses and good food and cocktails of five star hotels have given a different dimension to the geography of Sentosa Island.

From a prisoner of war camp, Sentosa is now transformed to a nature and recreation resort, which is maintained and governed by Sentosa Development Corporation. In the past, it was known as Pulau Blakang Mati or Pulo Panjang.

Any discussion on the geography of Sentosa Island remains incomplete without the mention of the locations of the beaches. Sentosa is divided into three beaches:

Palawan Beach- It is located right at the center of the southern coast of Sentosa Island.

Siloso Beach- It lies on the western portion of the southern coast.

Tanjong Beach- This is the most secluded part of Sentosa. One can really experience tranquility on this crescent shaped beach.

And what can be more fascinating than the Dolphin Lagoon by the white sandy beach? The geography of Sentosa is indeed interesting and the details offer you a visual idea of the beautiful island.

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