GST Refund in Singapore

Who can claim Tourist Refund?

Shopping in Singapore doesn't just mean spending; it also means getting a refund!!! Now isn't that great news for tourist shoppers in Singapore? Yes, it is! Yes, it is. If a tourist happens to spend S$ 300 or more on goods in Singapore, he or she can claim an amount back.

Although GST is collected on all purchases of goods and services in Singapore, one may, as a visitor to Singapore, claim for refund of the GST paid on purchases if:

One is not a Singaporean or permanent resident of Singapore;

-The person interested in GST refund has not at any time during the past 6 months exercised any employment in Singapore-He or she has not spent more than 365 days in Singapore in the past 2 years

-He or she has spent S$100 or more on goods at shops displaying the Tax Free Shopping logo

-He or she has spent S$300 or more on goods at shops displaying the Tax Refund logo;

Goods on which GST IS TO BE CLAIMED need to be taken out of Singapore through Changi or Seletar Airport within 2 months of their purchase.

(GST) Tax refund is not allowed if:

The goods and services purchased are consumed in Singapore. Examples are entertainment expenses, medical expenses, dry cleaning, meals and beverages or goods consumed or left behind in Singapore.
The Tourist's purchases' total value is less than S$300 if they shop at a store displaying the Tax Refund logo, or less than S$100 if they shop at a store displaying the Tax Free Shopping logo.
Goods which are not presented, with the Claims Form, at the GST Refund Counter at Changi Airport or Seletar Airport.

Important Notes

The Tourist Refund Scheme applies only to the Goods & Services Tax. (GST) If tourists do not see the "Tax Refund" or "Tax Free Shopping" logos on display at the shop, they must verify its policy with a sale assistant first should they intend to make purchases worth S$300 and more. Such shops either do not charge GST or if charged, do not operate the Tourist Refund Scheme.
One can shop tax-free at the shops in the transit area of Changi Airport on departure.

The refund applies to purchases of SGD$300 or above made by cash, cheque or major credit cards at Singapore stores displaying the Tax Refund logo, or SGD$100 at stores displaying the Tax Free shopping logo.

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