Parco Bugis Junction

Singapore's fist glass-covered shopping street, Parco Bugis Junction is Singapore's finest Shopping Mall, that features chic retail shops, and four stories modern retail complex. Parco Bugis Junction Singapore, is a fully air-conditioned, shopping street. This glass-sheltered Singapore Shopping Mall, houses number of little shops and sells everything that features in shopaholics shopping list. Parco Bugis Junction is a premier Singapore shopping destination. This modern complex sells a lot different stuffs at moderate prices like branded electronic goods, clothes from designer labels, inexpensive casual wear jeweleries, accessories, knick-knacks to decorate the house and household goodies.

The Parco Bugis Junction is a one-stop shop and a favorite hanging zone for college crowd, families, kids foreign tourists and people of all-age groups. One can find almost everything under a single roof and don't have to go for head-hunting for every single thing here and there.

There are amusement centre, cafeteria serving hot and cold coffee and restaurants serving lip-smacking junk food, snacks and continental food, which adds a lot more delight to the complete shopping experience and is a great way for weary tourists to treat their taste buds, quench their thrust with cola drinks and reinvigorate their nerves. Parco Bugis Junction has American-style United Artists cineplex screening newly released local and Hollywood film. The sprawling building, Seiyu department store, has a range of Japanese goods and products for their customers.

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