China Town

China Town sells all sorts of items from delicate bales of silk and gold jewelry to Singapore t-shirts and time-honored crafts. Whether you are looking for daily groceries, hand-made brushes and fans, it's all there in Chinatown.

China Town also sells such items as medical halls, mix snake skins, herbs and spices that are fundamental in making ingredients for potions available for every possible ailment. Delicacies like dried sea cucumbers, rambutans, pungent durians, mango steens and other seasonal fruits are sold by fruit sellers. Thin slices of barbeque pork are also sold to passers-by.

Other specialized items include dried sea horses, herbs for making herb tea and medicines and spices.

In case you're shopping for qi pao, the traditional Chinese dress then this right place for it. You can take a glance at few shops specializing in this traditional Chinese costume.

Go on a shopping spree at OG People's Park and purchase a range of items from fashion, jewellery, cosmetics, watches, toys, good food, something for the home or anything else. At OG, you are bound to get your value for money.

The Tanjong Pagar area is for traditional teashops, clog and kite makers sit with various kites, painted masks, waxed paper umbrellas, lacquer ware from China, handicrafts and artefacts from all over Asia. One can bargain for anything under the sun such as electrical goods, luggage, textiles to clothes, accessories and toiletries. There is a wide selection of local crafts that one can opt for at the famous Singapore Handicraft Centre in Chinatown Point.

The Chinatown Complex is a highly recommended place where one can dine with family, friends and other tourists. Whether it is Chinese dimsum, delicious roti prata, or any other cuisine, the aroma and taste is bound to increase your appetite. There are traditional delicacies and fast food outlets that you can dig into

Chinatown is a great place for ultimate shopping experience with very reasonable rates. It is a multiracial destination that welcomes visitors from all over. One can experience rich customs and traditions of Asia's cultural practices. A walk through China Town is a memorable experience of your Singapore tour.

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