The Time of Tea, Singapore

Whenever you think of Singapore, visions of glitzy shopping malls, sprawling boulevards, swanky hotels, trendy restaurants, and exotic sight seeing places seem to crowd your mind. Indeed most people, if quizzed about Singapore would go on record by iterating that they would like to visit the Sentosa Island, Botanic Gardens, National Orchid Garden or the Urban Fairways. And most tourists who descend in droves in Singapore every year straightway head to either any of the sights mentioned above or the other sightseeing places in and around the island nation. But if you happen to ask a tourist who’s been to Singapore whether he has been to a quaint little teashop called ‘The Time of Tea’ in Chinatown, you’d expect a blank stare. Chances are that he probably hasn’t even heard of such a shop. But every tea aficionado worth his or her name would swear by The Time of Tea located in 53, Chin Swee Road.

‘The Time of Tea’- A tea shop with a difference

The Time of Tea is unlike any other teashop in Singapore or any other tea outlet anywhere in South East Asia. It is a teashop that not only serves different varieties of Chinese tea to customers who stop by for a cuppa but also offers courses on how to brew that perfect cup of Peach Blossom or Oolong Tea.

If you log into the site of The Time of Tea, you’ll be simply impressed by the portal design. It is so down to earth yet stunningly appealing. You can move from one page to the next as you’d do with a book and navigate anywhere on the site with ease. The layout of the site reflects the highly refined tastes of the website owner who after all has been into all things tea for more than a decade.

The Individual Behind ‘The Time of Tea’

The Time of Tea is the entrepreneurial creation of Ms. Beljean Ong who used to earn her living as a tourist guide. She decided to venture into tea making business-a relatively untrammelled territory for most folks of her ilk. If you step into her tea boutique you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see her brewing the tea in front of you. In the time it would take to serve you, she would passionately give you a lesson on how to make the perfect cup of tea.

She holds tea making sessions on a one to one basis that takes the student back in time right to the era when Chinese were discovering the art of tea brewing. Many of her students have been taking lessons from her for more than a decade!

The Time of Tea-products and Educational Packages

The Time of Tea conducts tea making sessions in an integrated phase-Elementary tea making course, transitional or intermediate tea making course, and the advanced program. The Elementary Courses comprises 15 theoretical and practical lessons and costs $350.00. The Intermediate Program also consists of 15 lessons both theoretical and hands on and costs $350.00. The Advanced Course is made up 12 lessons and the fees are $450.00. The Time of Tea is also known far and wide for its eclectic and impeccable collection of green tea, red tea, white tea, Oolong tea, flower tea, yellow tea, and black tea. And the special and meticulous care it takes in packaging each and every pack mirrors its commitment and dedication to quality.

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