Zouk Bar in Singapore

The Singapore nightclubs leaves no stones unturned to meet the demands of the guests or to entertain the guests in their own unique way. If you have a packed schedule at Singapore, nonetheless make it a point to visit the most reputed nightclub in Singapore, known as the Zouk.

The original Zouk got constructed in the year 1919 and it included three warehouses. It has gone under renovation and at present it features the following, which are:

Zouk - It adverts to a dance floor that has been adorned by the sound and lighting system and it got built in the year 1991. Velvet Underground - This lounge got built in the year 1994, it's the perfect place to spend quality time with friends or one's beloved.

Phuture - This bar was made a part of the Zouk nightclub in the year 1996. If you want to truly gain knowledge about the nightlife of Singapore, then without any hint of doubt opt for the Zouk In Singapore. If good music and good music refreshes you up and sets you going then this is perfectly suited for you. It is always jam packed with people, irrespective of the fact that whether it's a weekday or a weekend.

This club prefers to play hip-hop music in order to draw the attention of the young citizens. Apart from hip hop music it also plays jazz and the drums are an integral part of the music of this nightclub.

The loud techno music of this club truly creates an electrifying atmosphere and you would face difficulty in trying to resist yourself from joining the rest of the crowd who have already occupied the dance floor. The cocktails provided by this nightclub can boast of a good quality.

Provided below is the address and the telephone number of the Zouk in Singapore.

17 Jiak Kim Street,
Singapore 169420
Telephone Number: +65 6738 2988
Be prepared to have a blast at the Zouk in Singapore. Know more about the Zouk In Singapore from focussingapore.com.
For more information on Zouk, visit: http://www.zoukclub.com.sg/

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