Singapore Amateur Athletic Association

Singapore Amateur Athletic Association (SAA) was founded in 1934 at the Farrer Park Stadium. Focus Singapore is all set to provide you with intensive information of the Singapore Amateur Athletic Association.Today, the association has grown into a full fledged association with its own team of volunteers, full time secretariat and officers and is located at 15 Stadium Road, Room 1, South Entrance National Stadium, Singapore 397718.. Today, the Singapore Amateur Athletic Association has 20 affiliates institutions under its helm and is way on expanding and taking leadership initiatives in holistic athlete development and making competitive athletics a viable career.

The Singapore Amateur Athletic Association (SAA) is a member of the IAAF. On the national front it is the only governing body responsible for sanctioning, promoting, expanding, and strengthening athletics in Singapore The Singapore Amateur Athletic Association has certain responsibilities to undertake such as

Governing : The association is responsible for all round development of athletics in Singapore, maintaining the official list of national records, ensure the smooth functioning of the Association and sport, take action and or impose sanctions whenever necessary with regards to violations of rules either by individuals or organizations.

Resources: The Association has to set budgets, maintain financial records. It also has to obtain financial, human and technical resources required for the working of the associations.

Communications: The Association has to establish good rapport with the athletes and other member of the Association. It also has to maintain relations with governmental, sporting, business and other organizations, and media to ensure good promotion of the sport and related activities.

Competitions: The Association has to chalk out programs of competitions and organize for the same. It also has to maintain a national calendar of events and ensure official sanctions for competitions organized by it self and other agencies.

It is the duty of the association to over see the smooth running of the competitions as per national and international rules. The Association has to oversee the working of the coaches and other officials with respect to recruiting, training, certification, deployment and control of the athletics officials and coaches. The association has to plan and co-ordinate the delivery of sports medicine services to athletes. It also has to ensure the delivery of proper and accurate scientific services to coaches and athletes. It also has to adhere to the rules of IAAF and relevant national regulations with reference to doping control.Keeping in mind of the budding young talent in the country, SAA launched an ambitious programme called the Kids’ Athletics programme in September 2003. This programme has become a success and expanding ever since. Through this programme the SAA aims to spot the talent at a young age in order to mould them as future athletes of the country. The SAA scouts for talented children aged 6 – 12 years and aims to develop their love for the sport.

The SAA also provide special assistance schemes to upcoming athletes with respect to long-term sport and athlete development. The programme emphasizes on effective talent recruitment and development, comprehensively individualized training and competition programmes, optimal Sports Medicine & Sports Science support and personal/professional development of athletes. In preparation for life after competitive sport Holistic management and support is provided to elite athletes throughout their different stages of development helps so that these athletes become well-rounded and skilled individuals who excel in and out of sport.

The eligibility criteria are the athlete’s potential to achieve success at major international events such the Asian, Olympic Games, SEA and Commonwealth games, a Singaporean citizen, committed towards the sport through intensive long term training and competition. Foreign athlete representation is permissible for team sports. The Coach under the aegis of the SAA has to ensure the individual development of Athlete along with the sports training. The coach should be an impartial person keeping in mind the long term benefits of the athlete. He should respect the officials and all other coaches with dignity and responsibility. The coach should be open to learn from other individuals and experts.

The following are the important members of SAA who are office bearers of SAA.

President - Mr Loh Lin Kok
VP -Training & Selection - Mr han Chee Wei
VP - Finance Mr William Tan
VP - Competitions Organising - Mr.Loh Lin Yow
Honorary Secretary - Mr. S Govindaraju
Honorary Treasurer - Ms Christina Tay
Honorary Asst Secretary - Ms G Thiruselve
Statistician - Mr Lee Teck Guan
Women's Representative - Ms. Kursheed Banou
Chairman, International Affairs - Mr. Maurice Nicholas
Chairman, Medical Commission - Dr Janice Khoo
Chairman, X-country & road running - Mr Chan Chow Tin
Chairman, Race-Walking - Mr A.K Latchumanan
Chairman, Technical & Equipment - Mr Foo Jiong Kew
Chairman, Technical Officials - Mr Phee Sim Cheng
Chairman, Tug-Of-War - Mr Rahmatullah Mssd

The SAA is an active organization which not only organizes competitions at national level and international levels such as track and field events, cross country events, marathons, tug of war events, university championships, indoor and outdoor meets as well etc for enhanced participation of the athletes.

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