Horse Riding in Singapore

There was a time, when horse riding in Singapore used to be the exclusive preserve of the members of equestrian and horse riding clubs. Gradually, the scenario changed, with clubs extending the opportunity to one and all. You don’t have to be a member of any particular club to enjoy the pleasures of horse riding. There are equestrian clubs that offer discounts and subsidies to handicapped people, so that even they do not miss out on the entertainment. Clubs offer coaching classes for children and adults who are not members from the elementary level to the advanced levels.

Bukit Timah Saddle Club

The Bukit Timah Saddle Club is situated on 51, Fairways Drive and was established in 1951. It offers equestrian and horse riding facilities for beginners including show jumping and dressage to equestrian events that are of international standards. The club has over 30 trained ponies and horses. It offers wide access to grass tracks and paths that offer beginners’ unlimited opportunities to learn horse riding. The setting is very verdant and amiable that allows the rider to pick up skills in a relaxed manner. Group lessons, semi-private and exclusively private lessons for equestrian events are available.

Singapore Polo Club

Singapore Polo Club is one equestrian club with a pedigree. It was incorporated in 1886 by British officers belonging to the King’s Own Regiment-1st Battalion. Although more than 150 years have gone by, it retains its edge as a premier equestrian and polo club. The club is located at 80, Mount Pleasant Road. But it has been prudent enough to reorient itself with the changing times. The club employs authorized coaching professionals, who offer their exemplary services, as far as riding with perfection is concerned, like maintaining posture and balance. Riding lessons are given in a quarantined and secure area. One can take riding lessons at any time of the year whatever the weather. A training plan called ‘Trail Rides’ allows children five years old to partake of lessons, although routine horse riding lessons start from age seven.

Bale Equestrian and Country Club

The Bale Equestrian and Country Club is located within a gated and barricaded housing community known as the ‘Leisure Farm’. Apart from providing horse riding lessons, it has stables that can be rented. The club has enough stables to house more than 70 horses. It has a field and track where world class training is provided. It also provides equestrian lessons to Singaporeans within their residential premises.


Horsecity does not promote itself as a sports club for a start. But rather it advertises itself as a club with multi-sporting amenities with facilities for equestrian and horse riding lessons. Everybody is welcome to pick up the basic equestrian skills without having to go in for membership. Training is provided in groups that cater to a wide spectrum of students-from complete greenhorns to professional riders. One can choose from private or semi-private lessons. You can train with Shetland ponies. Other activities that make the Horsecity a standalone equestrian club are trail rides, feeding of ponies, and carriage and trail rides. One can also buy or lease horses from Horsecity.

Singapore Turf Club Riding Center

The Singapore Turf Club Riding Center originated as a neighborhood project. Its incorporation was possible from the funds that were collected from horse racing competitions held in Singapore. Riding amenities are provided by the club with the overarching objective of establishing a community of professional riders in Singapore. Therefore, it encourages children from a very young age, to take up riding lessons. The riding lessons are so cheap that even school children can afford these.

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