Singapore Badminton Hall in Singapore

In 1948-49 the 1st Thomas Cup Tournament held in the United Kingdom, was won by the Malayan Team and with that victory Malaya was also triumphant at getting the right of hosting the following Thomas Cup Tournament, which was to be held in1952. The Singapore Badminton Association resolved to build an indoor hall in Singapore, which was absent there till then.

At Guillemard Road a site was granted for building the badminton stadium on a lease of 99 years in 1951. Although the construction of the Singapore Badminton Hall in Singapore was finished in the month of May in 1952,it was ill-equipped for the 2nd Thomas Cup Tournament, to be held that year at the month of May. So the Happy World Stadium, at present famous as the Geylang Indoor Stadium, hosted the tournament and the Malayan Team was the winner once again.

The Singapore Badminton Hall in Singapore was finally inaugurated by Sir John Nicoll, the Governor of Singapore at that time, and the 3rd Thomas Cup Tournament was organized in 1955 at the Singapore Badminton Hall and the Malayan team was victorious for the third time but in 1958 the title was won be the Indonesians at the 4th Thomas Cup Tournament.

In 1962, the Singapore Badminton Hall in Singapore was also host to the political event of counting votes, which were accumulated for determining the views of common people on the issue of the merging of Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Malay States Federation to form "Malaysia" on the suggestion of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. Around 71% of the voting public voted in support of the merging. Acknowledging these two important historical events hosted by the Singapore Badminton Hall in Singapore, it was commemorated as a historical locate by the SSC and National

Heritage Board on the 1st of September 1999, the formal occasion presided by Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi, the Minister for Community Development. The Singapore Badminton Hall also hosted many other musical and cultural shows along with many other political meetings in addition to these two memorable events. After its occupation by the SSC on the 1st of February on the year 1978, this sport hall was refurbished for hosting the 12th SEA Games in 1983 and 17th SEA Games in 1993.

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