Yishun in Singapore

Positioned at 101 Yishun Avenue (769130), Yishun is one of the most well-liked sport halls in Singapore. Yishun in Singapore is only at a distance of a few minutes walk from the nearest MRT station. Yishun was absorbed by the SSC on the 20th of August in 1991 and was formally opened on the 2nd of June in 1992. Yishun is operative from 7 o'clock in the morning upto10 o'clock at night and has got special amenities for the organization of various sport events like badminton tournaments and championship along with netball or basketball games.

Yishun in Singapore has got 4 badminton courts altogether which are modifiable into volleyball, basketball or netball courts.Yishun has sitting arrangement for over 800 persons at a time for the open presentation of the different events.Each year sport stars of national and international acclamation go to Yishun for participating in several sport activities like a number of badminton championships and basketball games, along with volleyball and netball competitions which are held there. Viewers from every part of Singapore and other places of the Southeast Asian islands and countries visit Yishun for the live watching of these sport events.

Arrangements for a number of sport events in Yishun can be made at the same time as it has got sufficient space inside. Yishun in Singapore has also got a large parking ground for keeping about 243 cars, 40 motorcycles and 4 lorry lots. The badminton courts are planned at Yishun according to the convenience of the players and viewers, with the position the booking office being just alongside this sports hall. If you want to organize any sport event at Yishun, it is sensible for you to make an early booking for getting suitable occupancy, as Yishun is occupied almost all the year.

You can go straightaway to the booking office at Yishun in Singapore or call the booking office at 6756 7416.

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