Marina South Open Field of Singapore

The government of Singapore plays a pivotal role in encouraging sports among the people of the nation. The games introduced during the colonial period took a very short period of time to make a mark in the island state. One such sport is soccer, which now hits the list of favorite sports among the people of the nation. Marina South Open Field of Singapore is a place for the visitors to experience the unique beauty of the unpredictable game spreading its wings of popularity among the people.

The lush green ambience of the Marina South Open Field fringed with trees all around is the most common sight of the park. The football frenzy players running from one corner of the field to the other dribbling and tackling the ball in their own unique style seems to be the most attractive feature that overwhelms the heart of the onlookers. The game once introduced by the Britishers has now turned to be an all time favorite of the people of the nation. Marina South Open Field of Singapore hosts a number of local and regional matches for the people to watch. The open ambience of the field is ideal for soccer matches and the upcoming players to opt for their practice sessions.

Along Marina Mall (Opposite Victor's SuperBowl)
Contact Number:
6342 5309

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