St. Wilfrid Field of Singapore

Ideally located at a convenient point St. Wilfrid Field of Singapore offers easy access to the nearby MRT Station. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places for football frenzy crowd residing in Singapore. St. Wilfrid Field in Singapore is equipped with modern and comfortable facilities for the convenience of the players. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about St. Wilfrid Field of Singapore. The credit of introducing football in Singapore goes to the British residing in Singapore during the colonial era.

Although it was first regarded as a game specially meant for the foreigners but within a very short period of time it owned a place in the hearts of the Singaporeans.

The simple and unpredictable game played a significant role in winning the hearts of the local people and made a signature mark of its own in the world of sports in Singapore. The operation hours of St. Wilfrid Field begins at seven in the morning and continues till late at night. Well known for hosting top soccer matches St. Wilfrid Field is a major haunt for the die-hard fans of soccer. St. Wilfrid Field of Singapore is blessed with 1 standard soccer field and side soccer fields.

3 St Wilfrid Road (327920)
Contact Number:
6293 3452

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