Tanglin Field of Singapore

Tanglin Field of Singapore is a wonderful destination for a die-hard football fan to spend some hours of complete recreation amid the lush green settings. Football or soccer being one of the most favorite pastime sports of the people in Singapore offers the audiences immense pleasure. Tanglin Field of Singapore is one of the most popular sports fields in Singapore and very special among the football frenzy crowd of the nation. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Tanglin Field of Singapore.

The arrival of football in Singapore dates back to the period of colonial era when the British took the initiative of introducing the ironic unpredictable game in the land of Singapore The lush green fields fringed with trees is soothing to the eyes and a perfect destination to nurture the budding love of the players for the game. Tanglin Field in Singapore is blessed with four fields fully equipped for the convenience of the players. Tanglin Field operates from seven in the morning and continues till seven thirty in the evening. Located at a convenient point Tanglin Field of Singapore offers easy access to the nearby MRT station.

Harding Road (249543)
Contact Number:
6473 7236

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