Sports Medicine & Sports Science in Singapore

Every nation aspiring to perform tremendously well in the sports field needs to maintain a developed medical system for the sports men to get proper medical attention. The Sports Medicine Research Center is the only formal institute in Singapore dealing with sports medicine and sports science. The center provides the elite athletes of the nation integrated medical and scientific support services. It also looks after the development and recreational facilities of the athletes. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about sports medicine and sports science.

It is also concerned with the latest developments made in the field of sports medicine and sports science. The athletes and coaches are provided with valuable information for a more rewarding sporting experience. The areas of special concern of the Sports Medicine Research Center are sports medicine program, about SMSS, services provided, research, Doping Control, Feature articles of the month, athlete's resource, virtual consultation, tip of the month, sports knowledge and SMRC publications.

Proper medical facilities and knowledge helps the athletes in maintaining a good physique and health for utilizing them best in the field. The medical research centers are also concerned about the doping activities that destroy the pride of the nation in the international events. They play a pivotal role in controlling doping in sports. In order to collect more information on sports in Singapore log on to our site focussingapore.

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