Burghley Squash &Tennis Center in Singapore

Have managed to spare some hours for yourself from your tight schedule at Singapore, in case you have traveled to this nation for business purposes and if you are just addicted to tennis or squash, then you can make a trip to the Burghley Squash &Tennis Center in Singapore, one of the most reputed tennis and squash center of this nation. To unwind the body and the mind after a tough day at the office you can make a visit to the Burghley Squash &Tennis Center in Singapore, that is situated in close proximity to the Central Express Way with your friends or close associates or colleagues.

The inauguration of this center took place in the year 1981. It features four tennis courts and four squash courts and each of the tennis courts as well as each of the squash courts are well equipped with all the facilities that would make your experience of play at these courts an experience that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

You can carry your own tennis rackets, squash rackets, tennis balls, squash balls or can approach the sports shops of this nation that allows you with the opportunity to hire sports equipments. The opening hours of the Burghley Squash &Tennis Center are from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm and mentioned here is the address along with the phone number of the Burghley Tennis Center of Singapore, which is:

43 Burghley Drive,
Singapore 559020.
Telephone Number: 6283 1251
Given below is the address along with the telephone number of the Burghley Squash Center, which is
43 Burghley Drive (559020)
Telephone Number: 6283 1251

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